Vine share reports success but video does not appear in Vine

Temporary Issue with Vines longer than 6s

If you try to post a video longer than 6s and use the "Trimmer" feature, the video will not appear in Vine. This issue will be fixed as soon as Apple approves our newest version of the app, v1.4
The current workaround is to only post videos less than 6 seconds long to Vine.

Repeat Vines Disabled

Steps to reproduce the issue:

1. Post a video to Vine from within Vinyet.

2. Switch to Vine and delete the posted video (e.g., you realize you forgot to set a caption).

3. Return to Vinyet and repost same video to Vine.

Issue: Vinyet will report success, but the video will not appear in Vine.

Workaround: When you return to Vinyet in step #3, toggle the filter that is selected. This will force Vinyet to repeat the "Rendering" step again when you attempt to share on Vine. The video should now appear in Vine.

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