How to post to a Vine account created using a Twitter login

When you created your Vine account, you may have chosen to use your Twitter login instead of providing an email/password. However, when you attempt to share a video on Vine from within Vinyet, the app will prompt you for your Vine email address and password. You need to setup an email/password for your Vine account in order to be able to share to Vine from within Vinyet.

Follow these steps:

1) Open the Vine app.

2) Choose Profile > Settings.

3) In Settings, specify an email address to associate with your account.

4) After you enter an email address, select the "Reset Password" button.

5) Vine will email the address you entered in step #3 with instructions on how to set your Vine password.

6) After you set your password, return to Vinyet and use the email/password combo you created above to post videos to your Vine account.

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